Talend Open Studio for Data Integration: Lesson 1 – Creating a Project

The first step in creating an ETL project in Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is to create the actual project definition. The project serves as a container for resources, including database connections, job scripts and contexts. When the application is launched, it will use a default folder in the installation directory named workspace. When a project is created, the project exists in a sub-directory in the workspace directory.

See the screenshot from Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 5.1:

Notice we have typed in a name of “OurFirstProject” in the Create a New Project field.  When we click the Create… button we get a dialog box that comes up and allows us to add a Project Description.  Clicking Finish then saves our project and gives us a new view in Open Studio as seen below.

At this point we can highlight the project we want and click Open, or we can use any of the other features.  When you arrive at this screen as the opening screen, simple click Create… to start a new project.

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