Change JDE Debug on the Fly

Like me, if you work with JD Edwards than you probably dream about turning Debug on and off in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on the fly. Too often it is unacceptable to have to log out of JD Edwards and back in. Also, leaving debug mode on all the time is a performance issue.

There is a business function in JD Edwards that allows you to turn debug on and off on the fly. This business function is best utilized in an interactive application that can also tell you what mode the session is currently in.

JD Edwards Business Function to Change Debug Settings

The business function that can change the log setting is located in B9600482. In the actual code for B9600842 there is a function call ChangeLogSettingOnFly which invokes the changeLogSettings built in API function. This function takes two parameters. The first one specifies the parameter. In this case it is “Output”. The second parameter sets the value. In the case of this setting, a “1” means that debug is on and output=file and “0” means output=none.

If you are simply calling B9600482/ChangeLogSettingOnFly from your application, use an EV01 data type variable and pass in a “1” to turn on debug and a “0” to turn it off.

JD Edwards Business Function to Check Debug Settings

If you simply want to check whether or not debug mode is on and output is to file, you can call B9600482/ChangeLogSettingOnFly and pass in a “2” and it will return a “1” to the same variable if debug is on or a “0” if debug is off.


You can either program this function to turn debug on and off in a specific application that you would like to trace, or you can create and application that turns it on and off globally for a user. This simple application is seen in the screen shot below. On form load, it calls B9600482/ChangeLogSettingOnFly to check the current setting. Then, the event rule code for the button click toggles back and forth between passing a “0” and a “1” into the function.

JDE Screenshot that shows a toggle button to implement B9600482 - ChangeLogSettingOnFly function.
This application simply toggles the JDE debug logging on and off in JDE EnterpriseOne

Use this simple process to change JD Edwards debug on the fly in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

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