Best Prepaid Phone – LG Optimus F7

I have Boost Mobile and I recently decided to try a different phone.  I didn’t like what I had tried so far and wanted a phone that would provide a decent upgrade.  I didn’t want to pay the price of the Samsung Galaxy series.  I also thought the 4G service that Boost started offering would be a nice addition.  I thought I would try the LG Optimus F7.  I am truly amazed at this phone.  I have no complaints and it was a great price.  I scored it for $150 because my local Best Buy had a price mistake on the floor.  I think they changed the price to the correct one after I bought it.

Having used this phone I would finally recommend Boost more than I tended to before.  At 18 months in, I now have unlimited calls, text and data for $40 a month. That’s a great deal.  I have never been this happy with Boost. They have managed to make me a customer that will stick around.  I was about ready to consider other options when I purchased this phone.

Although this phone has a big screen, battery life is good. The quality of the screen is also good, giving a very competitive viewing area for the price. I have purchased a Bluetooth keyboard to do some of my writing on my phone now since it performs so well.

Great camera, speed, responsiveness, and design. Can you tell I like my new phone?

If I could change anything I would just get a newer version of Android on it.

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