Create a QR Code with Javascript

I was browsing around the web and found something I never even thought about. How about creating QR codes on your website. Obviously JavaScript would be a great tool set to implement this on. I am going to work on a tutorial of how to create QR codes on WordPress and update this soon. This is the benefit I see. You are on your laptop browsing through a traditional browser and you want to transfer that session on a web page from your laptop to your mobile device. What better way than your web session being translated into a QR code?

I will post javascript later once I have the tutorial ready. For now, check out these resources that I have found to start my journey.

If you have Adobe InDesign, they make some libraries available for you. Check out the Adobe Blog Article.

Here is an example to do this in pure JavaScript with some JQuery Libraries. Pure JavaScript QR Code Generator with JQuery.

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