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Lesson 2: Web Languages

If you have been looking into doing some web programming, then you probably have come across the great number of web programming languages available.  When you are designing a website, you write code into a file that get’s processed by the web server.  Review Lesson 1 if you are unsure of what a web server is.  When it comes to web languages, there are two categories of languages.

The first category is client side.  When you are writing client side programming, you are creating the parts of the web page that the user sees when they access your web page.  This includes things such as text, graphics, animations and forms for them to enter date.  Some examples of client side programming languages include HTML and JavaScript.

The second category, and much more diverse in languages, is server side.  Server side processes certain events that occur during the process of viewing a web page.  For example, if you submit a form,  server side programming may save the data you entered into a database.  Or, server side programming might be used to display text on a web page relevant to a the specific user.  Server side programming includes processes that occur on the server which format the page that is returned to the user and allows for more dynamic and data driven pages.  Some examples of server side languages are ASP.net, PHP,  and Java Server Faces.

When you begin writing code for a webpage, you will begin programming for client side at first.  With client side programming, any web server is capable of providing the pages to the users on the internet.  When you get into the various server side programming though, you will need specific web server types for the various programming language.  For example, programming in ASP.net requires Microsoft Internet Information Services.  Programming in PHP could run on IIS, but can also run on Apache.  Java server faces can run on a JBoss Application Server or a GlassFish server.  You will need a server software that can handle the commands in the server side language.  That topic is further down the line though, and we will be focusing on client side programming first.

Here, for your viewing and curiosity sake, is a sample of very basic HTML programming

      <title>My First Webpage</title>
      <p>Not going to say Hello World!</p>

In the next lesson, the various parts of the above will be explained. Please check it out!