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Spanish Vowel Pronunciation

Spanish vowels are probably one of the best parts about learning Spanish.  The pronunciation consistently stays the same from one word to another.  As in English, where diphthongs can drastically change vowel sounds, Spanish does not typically cause the same struggles for the learner.

With vowels being a necessity for building words, it makes sense to first learn how they sound.  The pronunciations of the vowels are below.  Listen to each clip repeatedly and pronounce the vowel and word with each sample.

All Vowels:  Listen for “A  E  I  O  U


A:  Listen for “A – Santa”  The definition of santa is holy


E: Listen for “E – Tengo” The definition of tengo is I have


I: Listen for “I – Sí” The definition of is yes


O: Listen for “O – No” The definition of no is no


U: Listen for “U – Tú” The definition of is you


That’s a real basic introduction to the vowels in Spanish.  As easy as it may seem, it is very important for building a solid foundation for your learnings.  You will begin to notice once you start seeing vocab, how it’s often easy to pronounce words that you have never seen before simply because of the consistent pronunciation of vowels!