Priorities That Win

No one can achieve greatness on their own.  Greatness is not self-designated.  It is recognition of being great by another entity.  Whether it is by one person or the masses, greatness is a viewpoint not a title.  A father who loves his child makes the father great in his child’s viewpoint.  A woman who helps the poor is considered great to a multitude of people.  A man who consistently puts others before himself is considered great in God’s kingdom.  How are all these things connected, you ask?  Greatness comes from placing priority on others instead of yourself.  That is what we are calling priorities that win.

Prioritize Others

I work in a professional setting and I asked the director of our area what I need to do to succeed in my workplace.  He is a man I look up to and that is regarded very highly in our company.  He told me that I should focus on helping others succeed.  Wait a minute?!  Shouldn’t I be proving that I know more than others do, can handle whatever is given to me and am the most dependable?   He obviously does not take the “throw the others under the bus” approach.  For me to succeed in his mind, I had to put others first.  That is the way he is succeeding and earning people’s trust, and that is in a place of business.

How much more should we take it serious when Jesus tells us that the first will be last and the last will be first?  When I have engagements coming up that I am not looking forward to but that are meaningful to others then I try to remember that statement made by Jesus.  If I am all about what God is about then I must put my priority on others.  I should take every chance I have to show Christ’s love instead of doing something pleasing to me.

It is easy to become protective of your free time as if it is really yours.  If you believe in God and what the Bible says, then the idea that this life is nothing more than a vapor should occupy your mind and become a filter on any choice you make.  We are here to worship God and to be on a quest to not let anyone we know suffer through eternal separation from him.

Do you really understand why we want to bring people into God’s kingdom?  Many people see hell as a place of suffering and they wouldn’t want anyone they know to experience that.  We may even try to imagine how bad it could really be.  The problem is it is not the suffering in hell that makes it so bad, but the separation from God.  To physically suffer and still be with God would be better than to not suffer but be separated from God.  Unless we truly believe that, our efforts to add to his kingdom are missing perspective.

Do you want priorities that win?  Then it comes back to God’s greatest commandment.  Love God and love others.  To do that, we must make God a priority and we must make others a priority.  What that means for our vapor of a life here on earth is leading people to worship God for his sake and leading people to know God for their sake.  Keep these reasons in mind in everything you do and you will have one winner of a life on this earth serving God and others.  Don’t just save someone from hell, turn them into a worshiper of your creator!  For yourself, don’t waste your time on earth chasing after things that don’t matter.

It’s difficult to picture what you would have changed about your life when you know it is almost over.  It is even more difficult to place a priority on those things now if you can imagine them.  It is not something you can just do.  You need God’s help to change your priorities because you need to overcome your fallen side.  Only by God’s provision will you be strong enough to start making decisions out of a new priority placed on God and others.  You need to pray!

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