Christian Living

The title of this article is misleading as the idea of how a Christian is supposed to live cannot be summed up in a piece of literature and apply to much more than one individual.   Now,  you may be tempted to say that God has definitely applied a morality based plan for his followers to apply to their life and that plan is what you are looking for. Christian living is more than a plan of morality  and must be outlined in the context of a Christian life.   Since every christian has a distinct set of experiences, and future encounters will never be exactly the same it would be like using the same blueprints for every house even though a builder has a desired outcome of every house to look different.  Additionally, asking the question on how a Christian should live is a bit backwards.  The lifestyle is not supposed to be a sought after change made as a result of being Christian, it’s supposed to be a a lifestyle flowing out of the change already encountered from becoming a Christian.  To ask the Question of “how should a Christian live” is like asking the question “what sport should a baseball player play”

A Christ follower should not be chasing after the life they should live because they are a Christian, they should be earnestly seeking to be more like Christ so that their lifestyle is a result of their changed heart.  To attempt to manually make your life match that of Christ without actually becoming more like Christ is not only a very frustrating approach, it is an impossible way to grow more into the person God actually wants you to be.

The easiest way to attempt to live in the manner that God wants for you is to change your actions.  That’s what seems to make sense, what appears to be change in the eyes of others, and makes you feel that you have made progress.  But you haven’t actually changed any of the reasoning behind the way you were previously unlike Christ.  We are fallen by nature, so to live like Christ is to live unnaturally.  Eventually your mind will tire of trying to process your actions and apply them to a progress report of your “Christian Living”

So maybe then we need to start with our mind?  If we can just change how we think than our actions will become representative of what we think and we are beginning the Christian Living idea on a much higher, more stable level.  The problem with doing that though is that the way Christ lived didn’t fit in with common reasoning.  The things that he told people to do and did himself defied reasoning and introduce a change that we cannot maintain just at our thought level.  It doesn’t make sense to give up your rights and freedoms as Christ did and eventually you will be at odds with your own mind.

But is there a different, even higher level that this change must be made at?  A place where reasoning does not have a say and where love, the one thing Jesus actually made more important than anything else, can be allowed to rule?  That my friends is the heart.  When an action starts in the heart, reasoning is thrown out, fear is often overpowered, and the force behind the action is generally much stronger.  The way to live more like Jesus has always been about a heart change, that is why a heart change is what starts the process of even becoming a Christ Follower.

When you have a genuine change of heart, adopting Jesus’ ideals as your own, then you are no longer concerned with the “right” way to live.  You are simply concerned about your heart.  As you continue to nurture your heart, then you continue to see it’s affects in your thoughts and actions.  You no longer have to learn the exact way to handle every situation.  The response comes simply from your heart.  Since no one else will ever experience everything exactly the same as you, you can rely more on God’s way planted in your heart than to see how someone else did it.

Hebrews 8:10 –  …I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people

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