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Glassfish Runtime Dissapeared in Eclipse

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Opening Eclipse (Mars, Java 8) today I am finding my GlasshFish Runtime missing.  I am sure this is a widespread issue at this point.  I have double checked that my GlassFish Tools plugin for Eclipse was installed and it still is.  I have a feeling I am going to be waiting around for a fix at this point.  Not a good start to trying out GlassFish for a new interop web project I am working on to interface with our archaic JDE implementation!

Talend Open Studio 5.2.0M4

For those awaiting release level 5.2 of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, there is now a milestone release available from Talend’s website. For those awaiting a fix for the problems with connecting to SQL Server 2008 R2 using Windows Authentication, sorry to say but the problem is not corrected.

A solution remains to simple use SQL Server authentication, and that works, but this seems specifically to be a bug in the adding the connection and retrieving schema only.  If you create the connection and it errors and then manually define a schema for a table stored on your SQL Server 2008 R2 database, it will actually query the data successfully.  This means that they have attempted to make Windows Authentication work, but are not fixing certain bugs associated with it.

Although using SQL Server authentication is a valid work around, it is not an acceptable method to rely on long term.  Hopefully Talend still chooses to address this.

I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI Library not Loaded

When this error is encountered, it is because a process is seeking to use your windows credentials to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server.  When a Java application using jDTS attempts  a Single Signon to MS SQL Serve, a library is needed on the machine.  This is the ntlmauth.dll library which is often missing when you move your code from development to production.

This file must exist in the system’s path.  When on a Windows system, a good place to put it is in the Windows\System32 folder.
The library is available for download from the jDTS project at the following address: jDTS Project – Downloads

If this is not the specific issue you are encountering, check out this other issue when working in Talend Open Studio relating to Native SSPI Library not Loaded: Talend Open Studio – Native SSPI Library Not Loaded – v5.1.1

Java Error – Unresolved Compilation Problem: Unhandled Exception Type FileNotFoundException

A typical issue when working with files in Java is a FileNotFoundException during program compilation, even though the program has not yet tried to find the file.  You may see some of the following symptoms:

Unresolved Compilation Problem given when trying to run the program through the Java compiler.

Or the following, as seen in the Eclipse Development Environment:

Eclipse shows Unhandled Exception Type FileNotFoundException

The reason for these errors is that you need to handle the possible exception, in case a value is passed into the constructor for FileInputStream that is not a valid file.  A good way to handle this exception is by adding a throw condition on the function declaration as seen below:

Adding a “throws” statement to the function declaration allows the function to handle potential exceptions properly.

Another way, and probably the best way to handle this is to add a catch to your try statement.  Then, you can handle the exception with any follow up logic that is needed and allow the function to handle it internally instead of throwing the exception.

Using a catch statement with our try block instead of throwing the exception at the function level.

Happy Coding!