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Best Prepaid Phone – LG Optimus F7

I have Boost Mobile and I recently decided to try a different phone.  I didn’t like what I had tried so far and wanted a phone that would provide a decent upgrade.  I didn’t want to pay the price of the Samsung Galaxy series.  I also thought the 4G service that Boost started offering would be a nice addition.  I thought I would try the LG Optimus F7.  I am truly amazed at this phone.  I have no complaints and it was a great price.  I scored it for $150 because my local Best Buy had a price mistake on the floor.  I think they changed the price to the correct one after I bought it.

Having used this phone I would finally recommend Boost more than I tended to before.  At 18 months in, I now have unlimited calls, text and data for $40 a month. That’s a great deal.  I have never been this happy with Boost. They have managed to make me a customer that will stick around.  I was about ready to consider other options when I purchased this phone.

Although this phone has a big screen, battery life is good. The quality of the screen is also good, giving a very competitive viewing area for the price. I have purchased a Bluetooth keyboard to do some of my writing on my phone now since it performs so well.

Great camera, speed, responsiveness, and design. Can you tell I like my new phone?

If I could change anything I would just get a newer version of Android on it.

Sprint Buyback Program

Thinking about utilizing Sprint’s Buyback program for your recently abandoned phone?

If changing from Sprint service to a different carrier, you most likely will not be able to use your existing phone. Sprint has some fairly attractive buyback amounts to purchase your used phone from you and you would think if they offer you the buyback program, that you would be qualified for the credit.

Think twice before you send your phone in, or at least read the rules and regulations twice. Sprint will approve you to send in your phone even when the line is no longer active. Then, they will receive the device but will not credit you if you don’t have an active line. They will also refuse to send you your phone back. Don’t give Sprint a free used phone, read the guidelines and make sure you will qualify.