Should I go on a Costa Cruise?

Sunken ships. Fires. What’s next? Is it just total chaos when cruising on a Costa cruise line? Will I feel safe? What should I know. Do they efficiently preserve life at see?

-Concerned prospective cruiser

I can not tell you for sure whether your life will be preserved while at sea or not. Cruise ship tradgedies are far and few between but take thousands of people, put them together on a big boat in the middle of the ocean and there’s no telling what could happen. Or, dont’ drive the boat close enough to the middle of the ocean and then see what happens, as was recently seen with the Concordia.

I can tell you a little bit more of what you probably can expect on a Costa cruise. These notes are from a recent trip on the Costa Atlantica sailing the Caribbean from the Port of Miami. Overall, the trip was good, but some things learned as an American sailing on an Italian cruise line are the following:

-The reviews you read about the food not being the greatest are true! It’s edible, and also looks real nice, but for the palette of an American who likes greasy pizza with toppings and pizza sauce at the same time, your taste buds will be challenged. The service is great, and there are usually many options available, but by the end of the week your pea soup starts tasting like the potatoes you had earlier in the week. You won’t go hungry and you’re service will be great, but you will not have some of the variety you have on other cruise lines.

-Don’t rely on English! English speakers were a minorty on the recent cruise on the Costa Atlantica, although many knew English as a second language. Expect many different activities to be in a language other than English, and usually expect a translation, but don’t count on it.

-Low booking fee, but expensive on board fees! The cost to book this cruise was less then many other cruises available, but it seems that it was made up for in on board expenses. Costa currently has a daily service charge of 11 dollars per person, which is not optional as it is on other cruise lines. If you live in a rather urban area, the prices on board for drinks may not surprise you. For the rest of us you’ll be counting how many 6 packs you can get at home for the price of one drink on board.

Things to make sure to do?

-Get a room with a balcony!

-Take a mattress on the balcony and sleep. Although you’re sure to displease your cabin steward, it will be well worth it. Ours still made us towel animals even after putting the bed back together multiple times!

-Your port beverage purchases come back to you in the afternoon on the last day. Make sure you have your own corkscrew and you find a cruise that is at sea for the last day.

-Attend the shows at night, they are decent and worthwhile for something different to do.

Is Costa recommended? Sure. How much? A little. Will you enjoy the time? Yes. Should you choose Costa for your next cruise? Only if this is your first time cruising or you’ve only ever sailed with Costa.